product innovation optimizing health & nutrition

shhhh! We can't give too much away about our exciting new products in development, but we can say that we connect health, nutrition, sustainability and lifestyles for you through the delicious food we offer.

Need proof? Why not take a look at Quorn’s positive sustainability impacts. Or nudie juice that has ‘nothing but’ the goodness of fruit and vegetables bottled.


human rights and anti-modern slavery 

our commitment to fundamental human rights is unwavering. Have a read of our Human Rights policy to understand more. 

This is backed up by our Supplier Code of Conduct and due diligence program. We monitor our operations and supply chain for modern slavery risks and work together to eliminate these.

We report annually on our activities to eradicate modern slavery under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth).


diversity, equity & inclusion 

we believe the diversity of our people increases our value. We are working towards attracting and retaining diverse perspectives, talent, backgrounds and capabilities and seek equity across all of our people decisions. Our work in this space is building but already includes women in leadership development, education on disability, mental health and wellness and LGBTQI issues, corporate volunteer opportunities, flexible work arrangements, internal career development and equitable review. 

We are working to raise our awareness, implement policies and processes to measure DE&I at MNA and then we are committed to working towards building a strong foundation of understanding supported by our values of care, teamwork, excellence and fun. 


energy, emissions and water use reductions

we are setting science-based targets backed by accurate environmental data management and governance. Using external energy auditing to identify opportunities for improvement we are always looking at ways to improve such as moving our sales fleet to hybrid cars and reducing our leased office footprints.


food and operational waste management

our war on waste has been going for a while with a focus on better forecasting and inventory management support. Now we are expanding that to food waste across the business. This is a multi prong approach to manage all our delicious brands and products through building aligned tracking reports. We focus on ensuring every product we make is of a high quality, backed up by stringent quality certifications, minimising raw material waste through the production process (dips can be sticky if you don’t know what you're doing!), and the maintaining the cold chain so each product can make it to our consumers and not in the bin.

If we do end up with excess consumable stock, we make sure it gets to those in need. Since 2018 we have donated a total of 578,990kg of food and beverage goods across OzHarvest, Second Bite, Foodbank and local Victorian charity Pantry 5000.

COA Monde Nissin



plastics and packaging for circularity

our delicious products come in plastic containers, so we are committed to playing our part in the circular economy for plastic packaging. One of our flagship goals is to meet the National Plastics Plan 2025 targets. We are members of APCO and report annually against our progress.

We are proud of our progress made to date increasing our overall APCO performance from 38% in 2022 to 63% in 2023 putting us in the leading category.

We have done this through engaging a Senior Packaging Technologist that works across our brands and new product development to identify opportunities and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Packaging (MAIP).

Driven by our Sustainable Packaging Policy commitment, this has seen us do the following from 2022 onwards:

  • develop a full packaging library, covering every , Primary , Secondary & Tertiary packaging being Bottle , cap, label, tub, lid, foil, soft plastic ,Cartons and box, ink and substrates across our brand portfolio; knowledge is power after all!
  • completed Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (PREP) reports on all our packaging formats so there is verified and transparent information our recyclability claims on pack.
  • Printing Australia Recycle Logos (ARL) on Black Swan, Quorn and Peckish products as we completed artwork updates or launch new varieties to communicate to consumers how to correctly dispose of our packaging once they have finished enjoying them.

Just for the Peckish brand based on 2022 sales volumes, this improved communication has the potential to recycle 358 tonnes of PET plastic back into the circular economy by getting consumers to recycle the trays rather than throw them in landfill. Plus the plastic trays are 30% rPET (recycled plastic) to begin with!

  • removed the carbon black from all dip lid packaging so that all dips packaging components can be recycled. (Lid, tub, and scrunch the foil).
  • educated our teams on how we can positively impact the circular economy through our packaging design choices. We turned this knowledge into action by building packaging design and circular economy thinking into our product innovation pipeline process.
  • participated in Plant a Tree Day to put natural resources back in the ground. Cardboard can only be recycled 5-7 times and MNA used approximately 1500 tonnes of cardboard in 2022, so it is important for us to contribute to the replacement of natural resources.




combining science and partnerships for shared value

We are problem solvers, yet we don’t have all the answers but remember those exciting new healthy and nutritious products we mentioned? well we are partnering with suppliers that build sustainable practices into their produce. We are going to keep working on it focusing on the future of food, being involved in industry forums and speaking with our suppliers to keep moving the dial forward.


sustainable practices for food and natural resources

we understand the risks of a climate constrained world, we understand our role and create opportunities to be innovative in our responses. we have long been fiercely supportive of Australian farmers that make the high-quality fruits in our nudie juice, veggies in our delicious Black Swan dips and dairy for our Wattle Valley cheeses. Now we strive to be active supporters of regenerative agriculture as these primary producers look to sustainable or regenerative agricultural practices. we can learn a lot from each other so we can all make the best tasting products and delight tastebuds on each bite.


transparent, traceable and ethical supply chains

Our success is dependent on our value chain partners so we embed environmental and social considerations into the procurement process to identify, minimise and address any sustainability issues. Our supply chain represents 68% of emissions (2020 data) and therefore a large part of our sustainability opportunities.  

We have mapped our value chain and are taking a risk-based prioritized approach to address sustainability issues starting with governance, communication to suppliers and assessments. We utilize the SEDEX platform for external assurance audits with high-risk suppliers and our due diligence framework.

Flagship goals

2025 goodness goals

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